9 Hikes In Maine That Show Off The State’s Most Interesting Fire Towers & Incredible Views

There’s nothing quite like the panoramic views from a firetower, especially one that overlooks Maine’s stunning terrain.

Throw in the fact that many of Maine’s fire towers are really interesting and require a beautiful hike in to reach, and there’s even more allure to visit these historical towers.

In this guide, we’ll detail (including photos) the nine most interesting and scenic fire tower hikes you should take across the Pine Tree State.

Chase Hill Fire Tower

Chase Hill Fire Tower is located near Canaan, Maine, offering an easy 0.6-mile loop trail perfect for hiking and snowshoeing. 

Ideal for a quick escape into nature, the hike leads to a secluded fire tower, offering views of the surrounding woodlands. 

It’s a year-round destination, with the fall season being particularly spectacular for foliage viewing. 

The trail’s accessibility and the panoramic views from the tower’s top make it a cherished spot.

Grand Lake Stream Fire Tower

Located in northeastern Maine, the Grand Lake Stream Fire Tower sits atop Tower Hill. 

Built in 1934, this tower is the oldest enclosed wooden fire tower remaining in New England. Due to safety concerns, climbing the tower is not advised. 

Access is via the Tower Hill Trail, starting from the West Grand Lake Dam, following a 3-mile loop through mixed woodlands. 

This hike offers a unique glimpse into Maine’s history and natural beauty, without the crowds.

Beech Mountain Fire Tower

Credit: Chase Colby

The Beech Mountain Fire Tower, located on Mount Desert Island’s west side, is a popular destination for sunset views and autumn foliage. 

Hikers can reach the fire tower via various trails from the Beech Mountain Parking Lot. 

The summit provides spectacular views of Echo Lake, Acadia, and Bernard Mountain. 

In summer, the tower’s platform is open, enhancing the experience with unparalleled panoramic views, though pets are restricted due to safety.

Deasey Mountain Fire Tower

Credit: Instagram: mattonamtn

Located in eastern Maine, the Deasey Mountain Fire Tower is accessed via a trail that showcases Maine’s rugged wilderness. 

Starting on an old logging road, the trail includes a ford at Wassataquoik Stream and a moderate climb, leading to expansive views of Katahdin and the Turner mountains. 

The fire tower, constructed in 1929, offers a glimpse into the area’s fire-watching past. 

The hike’s combination of natural beauty and history provides a memorable experience.

Mount Pisgah Fire Tower

Credit: Joseph Liebowitz

Situated in central Maine, the Mount Pisgah Fire Tower offers panoramic views of Mt. Washington and the Camden Hills. 

The 0.7-mile Tower Trail, owned by the Town of Winthrop and conserved by the Kennebec Land Trust, features old sugar maples and a climb to a 60-foot tower. 

The area, covering over 1,000 acres, encourages respect for private properties and invites hikers to explore its moderate trails and enjoy the preserved land’s natural splendor.

Deboullie Mountain Fire Tower

Deboullie Mountain Fire Tower, located in northern Maine near Eagle Lake, stands as a beacon for hikers seeking 360-degree views of the wilderness. 

The 4.3-mile out-and-back trail, part of the Deboullie Public Reserved Land, requires a fee at a North Maine Woods checkpoint. 

The journey offers moderately challenging paths, ice caves exploration, and an intimate experience with Maine’s rugged terrain, promising a fulfilling adventure for those who undertake it.

Mount Blue Fire Tower

Credit: Angeline Hannachi

The Mount Blue Fire Tower, nestled in the scenic Weld region of western Maine, is the pinnacle of Mount Blue State Park. 

This trail, starting from the north end of the parking area, spans about a mile to the summit, where the remains of an old fire tower and a warden’s cabin await. 

At 3,187 feet, the summit offers breathtaking views, making it a must-visit for enthusiasts of natural beauty and Maine’s mountainous landscapes.

Mount Kineo Fire Tower

Credit: CT Thompson

Mount Kineo, rising from Moosehead Lake in northern Maine, is accessible only by boat. 

This 1,150-acre peninsula features a converted fire tower at its summit, offering 360-degree views of the surrounding landscapes and water. 

With four trails leading to the summit, the area is ripe for exploration, golf, and immersion in its rich history and natural beauty. 

Mount Kineo’s unique location and breathtaking vistas make it a standout destination.

Allagash Mountain Fire Tower

Credit: Instagram: sam_banas_photography

The Allagash Mountain Fire Tower sits in a remote part of northern Maine, offering an adventurous 0.7-mile hike with over 750 feet of elevation gain. 

The trail, starting near Allagash Lake, winds through diverse forest landscapes before ascending to a recently renovated fire tower atop an open peak. 

The volcanic rock underfoot and the stark beauty of the windswept summit offer a unique wilderness experience, making it a must-visit for those seeking solitude and natural wonder.