5 Hidden Swimming Holes In Utah For Those Who Love Adventure

Looking for an off-the-beaten-path swimming hole to cool off in during the hot Utah summer days?

We’ve got you covered!

In this guide, we’ll show you and detail five awesome hidden swimming holes that offer an incredible natural surrounding setting.

Reed Reef Natural Waterslides & Swimming Hole

Credit: Instagram: freshairlonghair

Hidden in the heart of San Rafael Swell, Reed Reef offers a unique desert oasis experience with its natural sandstone waterslides and swimming holes. 

The journey to this remote spot involves navigating through slickrock canyons, making it an adventure for the more experienced outdoorsman. 

Once there, visitors can slide down smooth rock surfaces into refreshing pools or relax and enjoy the secluded, picturesque desert landscape.

Toquerville Falls

Credit: Instagram: bpurdy6

Located near the small town of Toquerville, these falls are a hidden gem accessible by a rugged dirt road, suitable for high-clearance vehicles. 

The journey rewards with breathtaking views of cascading waterfalls spilling into crystal-clear pools set against a backdrop of the desert’s stark beauty. 

Visitors can swim in the pools, have a picnic, or explore the surrounding area, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle.

Mona Rope Swing at Burriston Ponds

Credit: Instagram: lizzy_jorgenson_

Nestled near the town of Mona, the Burriston Ponds offer a family-friendly swimming hole complete with a rope swing for adventurous spirits. 

These man-made ponds are fed by natural springs, ensuring cool, clear water perfect for swimming, floating, and fishing. 

The area is surrounded by lush vegetation, a stark contrast to the surrounding desert, providing a serene spot for relaxation and recreation in nature.

Upper Calf Creek Falls

Located in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Upper Calf Creek Falls features a lesser-known, stunning 88-foot waterfall into a deep, clear pool.

Along the hike in, you’ll also find a more hidden and less-trafficked swimming hole with a small waterfall cascading in that can also serve as a natural waterslide. 

This secluded spot requires a moderately challenging hike, offering breathtaking views of slickrock landscapes and diverse desert vegetation along the way. 

Visitors can enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool or explore nearby ancient rock art, showcasing the area’s rich cultural history.

Lower Calf Creek Falls

Credit: Instagram: _etstudio_

Situated within the same national monument as its upper counterpart, Lower Calf Creek Falls is accessible via a 6-mile round-trip hike. 

This hike leads to a spectacular 126-foot waterfall cascading into a large, emerald-green swimming hole. 

The trail offers interpretive signs about the local flora, fauna, and ancient Fremont Culture petroglyphs. 

The area is perfect for swimming, picnicking, and photography, surrounded by towering sandstone cliffs.