5 Stunning Beachfront Campgrounds On The Coast Of Maine Overlooking The Ocean

Looking for the perfect spot to set up camp on the beautiful coast of Maine?

Well you’re in luck, as we’re about to detail five awesome campgrounds that offer incredible views of the Atlantic and the sound of its waves gently rolling onto the beach.

Let’s have a look!

Lobster Buoy Campsites, South Thomaston

Imagine waking up, unzipping your tent, and bam—you’re staring at the Atlantic Ocean with a cup of coffee that somehow tastes better out here. 

Lobster Buoy Campsites isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill campground. It’s small, yes, but it packs a punch with its cozy vibe and front-row seats to the lobstering life. 

Credit: Instagram: @eatitupportland

Ever wanted to kayak around like you own the place or chow down on lobster with the sound of waves gently rolling onto Maine’s rocky shoreline?

This is where you can do all that, plus sneak in a lighthouse visit or two. 

You can set up your tent, table, chairs and grill in your own little grassy area that offers some privacy and incredible views of the ocean beyond.

Searsport Shores Ocean Campground, Searsport

Searsport Shores is one of the more popular on-the-beach camping spots in Maine, offering tent and RV camping plus some on-site cabins as well.

Credit: Searsport Ocean Shores Campground

It’s got this vibe that’s a mash-up of an outdoor adventure and a cultural festival. 

They’ve got art and nature workshops (because why not learn to paint where everything is picture-perfect?), beachcombing, and kayaking.

And they host live music from local bands on a small stage with words like “soul, gypsy, hearts, hippie, spirit, and mermaid” painted on top…if that gives you an idea of what this place is about.

Credit: Searsport Ocean Shores Campground

It’s family-friendly, but in a cool way, where you might actually bond over something other than your phone’s data plan.

Thomas Point Beach & Campground, Brunswick

If you’re looking to make friends with your camping neighbors, and aren’t looking for a more private experience…Thomas Point might just be your spot.

It’s located right on the water’s edge of Thomas Bay in Brunswick, Maine.  

Credit: Thomas Point Beach And Campground

You’ll see awesome ocean views of the bay, and the little cove it’s in is fun to explore when the tide goes out as well.

Plus, there’s a sandy beach that’s begging for picnics and volleyball tournaments. But here’s the kicker: they host an annual bluegrass festival among other festivals that tend to be on the…funky side.

It’s lively, it’s fun, and it’s where you can show off those dance moves you’ve been practicing in private.

And when you need a break from the social scene, the ocean is right there, waiting to share its tranquility.

Gray’s Homestead Oceanfront Campground, Boothbay Harbor

Step into a piece of history with modern amenities at Gray’s Homestead. Since 1933, they’ve been perfecting the art of camping with a view. 

It’s close enough to Boothbay Harbor that you could stroll into town for seafood or a boat tour, but secluded enough that you can hear yourself think. 

Credit: Grays Homestead Campground & Cottages

It’s the best of both worlds, really—socialize when you want, disappear into nature when you don’t. 

And the views? Let’s just say your facebook friends won’t know what hit them when you post the pictures from your stay.

Libby’s Oceanside Camp, York

Libby’s is where you go to unplug and recharge, adult-style. It’s like they took the concept of oceanfront property and turned it into a campground. 

Every site has an incredible view straight out into the Atlantic and offers everything you need to live your best RV Life.

Credit: Instagram: @niki.kimball

You have twenty yards or so of grass between where you park and where the ocean meets the rocky shore to set up your umbrellas, tables and chairs for an awesome stay.

It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, and it’s a stone’s throw from some of York’s coolest spots, like the historic York Village and the iconic Nubble Lighthouse. 

Perfect for those weekends when you just need to escape and breathe in some salt air.