This Awesome Amusement Park Is The Biggest On Any Beachfront In New England, And It’s Right Here In Maine!

Tucked away among the scenic shores of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Palace Playland isn’t just any amusement park—it’s a slice of coastal paradise that packs a punch of fun and adventure. 

Forget the usual tourist traps; this place is where memories cling to you like sand after a beach day. 

Whether you’re a local or someone just passing through, Palace Playland promises a day (or night!) of smiles, thrills, and those deliciously greasy treats we all pretend to dislike but secretly love.

A Walk Through History (Without the Boredom)

Let’s rewind the clock back to the late 19th century—no, not to sit through a history class, but to marvel at how Palace Playland transformed from a few rickety rides into the coastal extravaganza it is today. 

This place has seen it all, morphing through time to strike the perfect balance between nostalgic vibes and the buzz of modern rides.

And it seems to get better every year, with a new rollercoaster announced just a few years ago and new rides or games seemingly announced every year as well.

Rides That Make You Scream (In a Good Way)

Heart in your throat, wind in your hair, and maybe a scream or two (we won’t judge)—that’s the Palace Playland ride experience. 

From the dizzying heights of the iconic Ferris Wheel (hello, Instagram-worthy ocean views) to the stomach-dropping thrills of the “Galaxi Coaster” and “Sea Viper,” this park has a little bit of everything. 

And for those who prefer their to get their adrenaline flowing not in the air, there are plenty of ground-based adventures that won’t require a pep talk to ride.

Don’t Forget The Family & Kiddie Rides

Bringing the kids? Or maybe you’re just young at heart? Palace Playland has you covered with rides that won’t send your heart rate through the roof. 

Carousels, trains, and a whole host of rides perfect for the little ones or the faint of heart make sure everyone leaves with a smile (and maybe a bit of cotton candy stuck to their face).

More Than Just Rides

Sure, the rides are the main attraction, but Palace Playland knows life’s also about the little moments—like winning that oversized stuffed animal in a game of skill (or chance), or devouring a funnel cake under the Maine sky.

It’s those moments, between the adrenaline rushes, where memories are made, laughs are shared, and you seriously consider whether you need another deep-fried Oreo (spoiler: you do).

Location, Location, Location

Right smack on Old Orchard Beach, getting to Palace Playland is a breeze, and there’s a whole world to explore once you’re there. 

The beach, the bustling pier, and that quintessential Maine charm are all part of the package. It’s not just a visit; it’s an experience.

Insider Tips for the Savvy Visitor

Want the inside scoop? Hit up Palace Playland on a weekday to dodge the crowds and enjoy more rides without the lines.

Keep your eyes peeled for special deals and events that pop up—they’re your ticket to making the most out of your visit without breaking the bank. 

You can find them on the Palace Playland Amusement Park Facebook page or their website.

And a little planning goes a long way—check those ride requirements and park hours to keep the day running smoother than a well-oiled carousel.

Why You Can’t Miss Out

In a nutshell, Palace Playland is more than just an amusement park; it’s a treasure trove of fun, laughter, and those moments that you’ll talk about for years to come. 

Whether you’re there for the thrill, the family time, or just to soak up that beachside ambiance, this place delivers. 

So next time you’re in the area of Old Orchard Beach, plan a stop at Palace Playland.

Your kids (and/or the kid in you) will thank you for it.