14 Best Beaches In Maine For Finding Sea Glass In 2024

Seeking the perfect shimmer on the shores of Maine? Well, buckle up, beachcombers! 

We’re about to spill the secrets of the top spots to snag some sea glass—Maine’s unofficial treasure. No fluff, just the good stuff, with a sprinkle of humor to keep you scrolling.

First off, let’s talk sea glass. It’s not just litter turned pretty. It’s history, it’s mystery, it’s… slightly frosted beauty courtesy of Mother Nature’s own tumbling routine. 

And guess what? Maine’s coast is like a VIP lounge for these oceanic gems.

Here are the 14 best Maine beaches at which you’ll find this pretty natural souvenir.

Sandy River Beach, Jonesport

Not only is Sandy River Beach in Jonesport one of the few sandy beaches you’ll find in the Downeast area, but it’s also quite underrated for finding sea glass.  

And being an all-sand beach, the sea glass you can find here tends to stand out easier than what you might find at beaches made up of more pebbles than sand.

Low tide here offers much more beach area to comb, but you’ll want to make a full day of the best hidden gem beach in Maine, as Sandy River Beach offers a little bit of everything…including plenty of multi-colored sea glass.

Spring Point Beach, South Portland

Ideal for sea glass hunters, Spring Point Beach also offers picturesque views of the Spring Point Lighthouse. 

The most fruitful times for finding sea glass are early morning or late afternoon, particularly during the quieter off-season. 

Access to this beach is facilitated via the Spring Point Shoreway Trail.

Middle Beach, Kennebunk

Make your way to the stretch of coastline nestled between Gooch’s and Mother’s Beaches in Kennebunk, notable for its rocky terrain as opposed to the sandy shores of its neighbors. 

It’s renowned for offering some of the finest sea glass in Maine. 

The beach’s narrowness at high tide suggests the best sea glass hunting here occurs during low tide periods.

Belfast Beach, Belfast

Possibly the premier spot in Maine for sea glass enthusiasts, Belfast Beach has garnered attention for the abundance of sea glass in various colors found by many. 

Public access near the city park is the recommended sea glass finding spot here.

You can find all colors, but Belfast Beach is known for some of the rarer colors in orange, yellow and turquoise sea glass as well.

Fortune Rocks Beach, Biddeford

Though its name isn’t derived from beachcombing, Fortune Rocks Beach in Biddeford lives up to its fortuitous connotation with abundant sea glass and shells for those who search wisely. 

For prime sea glass finds, it’s recommended to start at the beach’s southern end where the bulk of the treasure awaits.

Ogunquit Beach, Ogunquit

Despite its popularity, which can crowd the shores, Ogunquit Beach remains a gem for beachcombing enthusiasts willing to venture further. 

Its smooth, sandy beaches and dramatic granite cliffs not only offer a stunning view but also aid in the creation of polished sea glass treasures.

Short Sands Beach, York

Short Sands beach in York, Maine is known for its scavenging, with both unique shells and sea glass found here.

And it comes with the added benefit of potentially viewing the remains of an old, old shipwreck that is said to appear every few years after big storms.

The remains are said to be those of the Defiance, a vessel from the 1750’s.

Long Sands Beach, York

There is sea glass to be found at Long Sands Beach in York, but one of the main added attractions of this beach is its sand dollars.

The optimal time for searching is low tide after a storm, focusing on the high tide line for round sand depressions. 

Find a sand depression, stand there, feel like a treasure hunter waiting for a sign. If it moves, though, put it back—you’ve just made a friend!

Little Chebeague Island, Long Island

An adventure in beachcombing awaits those willing to boat to the uninhabited Little Chebeague Island, a part of the Maine Island Trail Association. 

A favored spot lies on the island’s backside sandbar, attracting locals for shell and sea glass searching. 

Camping is also permitted on the island’s beaches, making this an awesome spot for a few-day stay.

Sand Beach, Acadia National Park

While Sand Beach is an ideal locale for a day at the beach within Acadia, it’s also known for its sea glass finds, particularly in the morning or evening. 

There’s a chance to discover rare pale pink sea glass among its shores, making it a beautiful spot for sea glass enthusiasts in Maine.

Mowry Beach, Lubec

A hidden gem near Canada, Mowry Beach is part of the Bold Coast preserve, offering a bounty of sea glass and seashells against a backdrop of spring wildflowers and an interesting shipwreck memorial. 

Its secluded nature makes it an uncrowded spot for beachcombers, with low tide also revealing ancient forest tree stumps.

Popham Beach State Park, Phippsburg

Notable for its eroding sands, Popham Beach State Park invites visitors to explore its natural beauty before it changes further…and there’s plenty of sea glass to be seen here.

Just remember, it’s look but don’t take—Popham’s treasures are for memories, not mantelpieces.

The beach features expansive tidal flats and sandbars, rich in tidal pools teeming with sea life, sea glass and shells.

Hulls Cove, Bar Harbor

Although not as famous as other Bar Harbor beaches, Hull’s Cove is known for the discovery of rare pink sea glass pieces. 

Situated off the main road, it’s a worthwhile detour for beachcombers, with the added possibility of finding washed-up broken pottery pieces across the island’s beaches.

Bailey Island, Harpswell

Favored by locals and off the typical tourist path, Bailey Island offers a unique beachcombing experience with its rocky shores dotted with coves and inlets where sea glass and shells accumulate. 

You can typically share this beach with only a handful of other folks, making it a great place to find sea glass in solitude.