This Massive Moose Sculpture Made Of Chocolate Is A Must-See Maine Roadside Attraction!

Calling all chocolate mousse fans!  Scratch that…chocolate moose fans!

One of Maine’s most interesting roadside attractions awaits you just south of Portland, in the charming town of Scarborough.

He is Lenny the Chocolate Moose, the world’s only life-size chocolate moose…and as you’d expect, he calls the little local candy shop, Len Libby Candies, his home.

Read on for more on why you’ve got to make a stop in to see this marvel and testament to Maine’s creativity and love for its natural wildlife

Spoiler Alert! Lenny’s not the only life-sized chocolate-made animal you’ll find in this quirky little candy shop!

The Sweet Beginnings

Lenny is not your average roadside attraction; he is the world’s only life-size chocolate moose and arguably the most endearing symbol of Maine’s spirit. 

Unveiled on July 1, 1997, Lenny has since stood as a mute-but-cheery ambassador for The Pine Tree State, marrying the image of Maine’s most iconic animal with its residents’ well-known penchant for sweets. 

Lenny resides in Len Libby Candies, a store locally famed for its handcrafted chocolates and ice cream, drawing tourists and locals to marvel at this edible piece of art.

The Artistry Behind Lenny

The creation of Lenny was a labor of love by professional artist Zdeno Mayercak, who spared no effort in bringing this chocolate giant to life. 

Mayercak’s preparation involved studying a stuffed moose at the L.L. Bean store in Freeport, gaining inspiration for his masterpiece. 

Over a month, he meticulously crafted Lenny, slathering and sculpting 1,700 pounds of superlative grade milk chocolate over a wire lathe. 

The result is a majestic moose, standing eight feet tall and stretching over nine feet from nose to tail, set against a mural backdrop that captures the essence of Maine’s wilderness.

A Habitat of Sweetness

Lenny is not alone in his chocolate domain; he is accompanied by Mama Libby and her cubs, Cocoa and Chip, a family of dark chocolate black bears weighing 380 pounds and 80 pounds each, respectively. 

Together, they form an adorable edible animal habitat, with Lenny standing in a pond of white chocolate, dyed blue to resemble water. 

This chocolate menagerie is a tribute not only to the state’s beloved wildlife but also to the craftsmanship and imagination of Maine’s chocolatiers.

Preservation and Legacy

Maintaining this chocolate wonder requires careful temperature control, with the ambient temperature never exceeding 70 degrees Fahrenheit, a task made easier by Maine’s cool climate. 

This precaution, along with a protective wooden fence to discourage eager taste testers, has allowed Lenny to remain in excellent condition, a remarkable feat considering the fate of other giant food attractions.

Lenny’s creation process is documented in a video that plays continuously in the store, providing visitors with a glimpse into the dedication and skill involved in bringing this chocolate moose to life. 

It’s a testament to the sculptor’s artistry and the community’s commitment to preserving this unique attraction.

Why Visit Lenny?

Lenny The Chocolate Moose offers more than just a photo opportunity; it represents the creativity, community spirit, and love for nature that defines Maine. 

For locals, Lenny is a source of pride, a unique landmark that distinguishes their home. 

For tourists, it’s a delightful detour, a chance to experience Maine’s whimsical side while indulging in some of the finest chocolates and ice creams the state has to offer.

Visiting Lenny and his pals at Len Libby Candies is a must for anyone exploring Maine. 

Located in the back corner of the candy shop, Lenny awaits those who seek him during store hours, offering a sweet pause in their journey and a story to tell about the time they met the world’s largest chocolate animal sculpture.

Finding Lenny

Len Libby Candies is located at 419 US-1 in Scarborough, Maine.  They’re open most Mondays-Saturdays from 9 AM to 5 PM.

You can find more information on their hours and the tasty sweets they sell at their website:

Final Word

In a state renowned for its natural beauty and culinary delights, Lenny stands out as a beacon of joy and imagination. 

Whether you’re a local revisiting an old friend or a traveler discovering Maine’s wonders, a stop to see Lenny The Chocolate Moose is a reminder of the simple pleasures in life, sweetened by the magic of chocolate.