4 Hidden Natural Waterslides In Maine (You’ve Never Heard Of)

It’s pretty hard to beat the combination of fun and adventure that a natural waterslide provides.

And while many states across the US offer one or two, the state of Maine offers four natural water slides among its wilderness.

Let’s have a look at Maine’s four hidden natural waterslides, where the combination of fun and natural beauty will leave you with memories you’ll never forget!

Ledge Falls Natural Waterslide

Credit: Nathan Haynes

Ledge Falls Natural Waterslide is nestled in Baxter State Park, near Millinocket. 

This smooth, sloping stretch of bedrock offers visitors an exhilarating slide into a refreshing pool below. 

The surrounding park provides ample opportunities for hiking, wildlife viewing, and camping, making it a perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts looking to cool off after a day of adventure.

Step Falls Preserve Natural Waterslides

Credit: @ericsmainelife / Instagram

The Step Falls Preserve Natural Waterslides can be found near Newry, just a short drive from the Sunday River resort area. 

As Maine’s tallest waterfall series, it offers multiple cascading slides and pools. 

The preserve’s hiking trails offer stunning views of the Western Maine mountains, and the clear, cold water is a welcome respite on hot summer days. 

Picnicking and bird watching are also popular activities here.

Tobey Falls Natural Waterslide

Credit: @aclay90 / Instagram

Tobey Falls Natural Waterslide is situated in the town of Willimantic, part of the scenic Piscataquis County. 

This hidden gem features a series of natural slides and falls along the Piscataquis River. 

The area is also known for its beautiful hiking trails, offering views of the falls and the surrounding forest. 

Visitors can enjoy a refreshing slide into the pools, relax by the water, or explore the natural beauty of the region.

The Cataracts Natural Waterslide

Credit: @erinwardwell897 / Instagram

The Cataracts Natural Waterslide is located in the heart of Oxford County, offering a unique sliding experience down smooth rock formations into deep, clear pools. 

The hike to the Cataracts is an adventure itself, featuring scenic views and the chance to spot local wildlife. 

Visitors can enjoy swimming in the pools, sunbathing on the rocks, and exploring nearby trails.

More Hidden Gems In Maine

After you’ve visited each of these natural waterslides in Maine, there are plenty of other hidden gems in the state just waiting for you to visit.

There’s the Sandy River Beach up on the bold coast of Maine, one of the few sandy beaches you’ll find in the northern part of the state.

And then there’s Jasper Beach in the same area, which is known as the “singing beach”.  It’s made up of small, smooth pebbles and stones…one of the few beaches like it in the entire US.

And last but not least, there’s the least visited part of Acadia National Park – the Schoodic Peninsula.

Among the Schoodic Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see in Schoodic Point, which gets less crowded than anywhere in the main park area, even during peak season.

Maine has so much to offer, so get out there and explore the lesser explored parts of it while you still can!