Jasper Beach Maine (The ONLY Beach Like It)

There aren’t many places left in the United States that can take your breath away with their natural beauty and have yet to become touristy.

Yet thanks to its remote location and a number of unique features you won’t find at any other beach in the US, the stunning Bold Coast of northern Maine is home to one such location – Jasper Beach.

Beach Information

PARKING: YES – few small parking areas at the beach.
BATHROOM: NO – no bathrooms here.
LIFEGUARDS: NO – swim at your own risk.
DOG FRIENDLY: YES – pups are welcome at Jasper Beach.
CROWDS: LOW – usually not crowded at all.
FEES: NO – owned by the town of Machiasport and free visit.

Location & Directions

Jasper Beach is located on Port Road (Route 92), about ten minutes south of downtown Machiasport.

From US Route 1, you can take Kennebec Road to a right on Port Road (Route 92) and then a left on Jasper Beach Road.

You can also take Route 92 directly from US Route 1 and go through the town of Machiasport, staying on Route 92 as it eventually turns to Port Road and then taking a left onto Jasper Beach Road.

About Jasper Beach Maine

Jasper Beach is a unique beach situated in a remote area of “Downeast” Maine on the coastline of the small town of Machiasport, in what’s named Howard’s Cove.

Jasper Beach has a number of special features, but what makes it so unique is that rather than being made with sand like your typical beach, Jasper Beach is made up of millions of natural small, smooth stones.

It’s one of the few coastal beaches in all of the United States like this, featuring almost no sand and all stones.

While not a beach in the typical sense, the beauty of Jasper Beach coupled with the unique sound of the waves rolling in and out against millions of stones make it one of the more magical places you’ll experience on the east coast.

Enclosed By Bluffs On Each Side

The stone beach is about a half-mile long, and feels almost enclosed by towering bluffs on both sides of its semi-circular shoreline.

The bluff on the right side of the beach (when looking out into the ocean) is home to a handful of large houses set a good ways back off of the beach itself.

On the left side of the beach, there’s another bluff where the forest above essentially drops off into cliffs that stretch down to the beach below.

Beneath this bluff the water from the Gulf of Maine flows around the beach into a salt marsh area behind it and then back out into the Gulf at low tide.

Why Is It Named Jasper Beach?

Jasper Beach is named after jasper, which is a type of rock that is made up of mostly silica (a mineral in the earth’s crust often found in sand and stone) and usually has a red, yellow, brown or green color to it.

While the stones and rocks that make up Jasper Beach are not true jasper rocks, they very much resemble them.

And who needs jasper rocks when you’ve got rocks and stones made up of fine-grained volcanic rock, which is what makes up much of Jasper Beach and sounds more interesting anyways.

These volcanic rocks and stones polish well as the waves roll them against each other, making them completely smooth over time and giving them the appearance of little jewels that sparkle in the sun when wet.

This polishing act helped out by the waves also makes for one of the most magical sounds you’ll ever hear at any beach.

Singing Of The Beach

Jasper Beach is said to sing.

And while it’s an all-rock beach, its songs are more peaceful than anything you might hear from the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. (I’m here all night!)

In all seriousness, you can hear and almost feel the vibration of the jasper stones as they echo against each other as the waves roll in and out.

The soft “shushhhh, shushhhh” sound as the water is pulled through the many stones is something you have to experience to truly appreciate, and something you won’t soon forget once you do.

For many folks who make the trek to Jasper Beach from out of town, the peaceful singing of the rocks and ocean is something they long to come back to.

Things To Do At Jasper Beach

While Jasper Beach does not offer the same fun in the sun activities as your typical sandy beach, there are plenty of things to do for both adults and kids.

Wildlife Sightings

Bald eagles are occasionally sighted at Jasper Beach, perched in one of the many trees on the surrounding bluffs or fishing in the cove.

Seals are also known to make an appearance offshore, though they rarely venture too close into the shoreline.


For those who aren’t bothered by the chill of the North Atlantic, feel free to take a dip at Jasper Beach.

The water is usually calm and the waves usually small, assuming you go on a day with good weather.

You may want to wear water shoes if you plan to swim though, as the pebbles and stones can be uncomfortable on bare feet.

Stoner’s Paradise

Not that kind of stoner – but no judgement here, and the stones on Jasper Beach have probably smelt their fair share of grass from visitors.

But for lovers and non-lovers of unique rocks and stones, you’ll be entertained for hours at Jasper Beach.

There are millions of stones of all shapes, sizes, and colors to see here.

And as mentioned before, the beauty of the landscape surrounding this beach is really something to take in.

Jasper Beach makes for an excellent place to admire the views, listen to the sounds of the waves and stones, think, and recharge your mind.

Jasper Beach Maine Sea Glass

There are a number of beaches in Maine that offer good sea glass hunting.

But while you can find sea glass on Jasper Beach, it’s much harder to do here as it mixes in with the rocks and mostly gets buried beneath them.

So rather than combing the beach and looking for sea glass that will catch your eye on other beaches, most of the time you’ll actually have to claw through the rocks and pebbles to seek it out yourself on Jasper Beach.

If sea glass is what you’re after, you’re better off checking out Sandy River Beach just down the road or one of the several other sandy beaches in the area.

Where To Visit From

While Jasper Beach is located in a remote part of Maine, making a day trip from one of the more popular nearby spots in Maine is very doable.

Bar Harbor To Jasper Beach

For those visiting Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, Jasper Beach is only about a two-hour drive up the coast.

And it’s a straight shot up US Route 1, which offers one of the more scenic coastal drives in the United States.

Lubec To Jasper Beach

For those visiting Lubec, Maine on the Canadian border, Jasper Beach is only about a 45-minute drive south down US Route 1.

If you’re driving Route 1 to anywhere between Bar Harbor and Lubec, Jasper is just about ten minutes off of Route 1 if you’re looking to make a stop.

Things To Do Nearby

If you’re making a day trip to Jasper Beach, there are some other great places nearby to consider stopping as well.

Helen’s Restaurant

If you’re looking for somewhere to stop and eat near Jasper Beach, you can’t go wrong with Helen’s Restaurant located about twenty minutes from it on US Route 2 in Machias, Maine.

Helen’s offers some of the freshest seafood around, plucked locally from the waters nearby.  Their crab rolls and lobster rolls are excellent.

And they make some of the best blueberry pie you’ll taste, along with a number of other kinds of tasty pies.

Sandy River Beach

If you want to mix in the sandy beach experience after visiting Jasper Beach, one of the better sandy beaches on the Bold Coast of Maine lies hidden just 30 minutes south in Jonesport, Maine.

It’s called Sandy River Beach and is highly recommended for those in the area.

Roque Bluffs State Park

If you want to mix in some hiking after visiting Jasper Beach, Roque Bluffs State Park is just twenty minutes south on the coast.

It offers a mix of hiking trails with beautiful coastal views, wildlife, picnic tables, a playground and bathrooms.

Jasper Beach Pros

  • Spacious, secluded and not crowded
  • Unique features you won’t find at any other beach
  • Made up of smooth, gem-like stones
  • Calming place to recharge your mind
  • Bald eagle and seal sightings

Jasper Beach Cons

  • Remote location 
  • No sand
  • No bathrooms
  • Need secure shoes to walk on the rocky beach
  • Seaweed offshore can make for slimy swimming

Final Note

If you’re looking for a unique experience that will likely stay with you for years to come, Jasper Beach is it.

Between the beautiful rocks and stones that make up the beach, the landscape that surrounds it, and the singing of the waves tumbling millions of small rocks amongst each other…there’s just nowhere else like it.

It truly is one of the US’s best hidden gem locations, and though not the typical beach experience, will not disappoint those who make the trek.