This Hidden Roadside Wall In Maine Will Have Bird Lovers Feeling Right At Home

Tucked away on Route 201 in the small town of Moscow, Maine, there’s a sight that might just make you do a double-take: Maine’s Million Dollar Birdhouse Wall. 

This isn’t your average roadside attraction. It’s a full-blown testament to Mainers’ playful nature  and the community’s knack for turning something boring into something extraordinary. 

If you’re hunting for a slice of Maine that’s off the beaten path, this wall is your ticket to an adventure filled with charm and a dash of mystery.

The Story Behind the Birdhouses

Why call it the Million Dollar Birdhouse Wall? Well, it all started with the state coughing up over a million bucks for a retaining wall next to the Kennebec River. 

But instead of just serving its purpose to hold back dirt, this wall morphed into a colorful canvas, thanks to hundreds of birdhouses popping up like wildflowers. 

It kicked off with a lone blue birdhouse back in 2011, and boy, has it grown!

These birdhouses are the epitome of creativity.  There are lobster boat shaped birdhouses, birdhouses in the shape of an old ship captain, birdhouses in the shape of campers and barns – all tributes to the lifestyles of many Mainers.

And then there are those from out-of-state who have even left their mark in the form of a birdhouse adorned in the colors of the Canadian flag and a tribute to the state Texas on another.

Heck, the folks at Maine Cabin Masters even made a birdhouse and hung it here during an old episode in tribute to the famous birdhouse wall!

And the materials? Think beyond wood. How about old license plates or hard hats? Yep, this community doesn’t play by the rules when it comes to creativity.

A Mystery Wrapped in Wood

The kicker? No one knows for sure who started this. It’s like Maine’s version of a fairy tale, minus the fairies and with more birdhouses. 

This mystery only makes the wall more intriguing. Sure, it’s a bit tricky to pull over safely and take it all in, but it’s worth the effort. 

And though you’d expect a bird bonanza, the feathered friends are notably absent. What you get instead is a community art project that’s all about spirit and imagination.

Why You Can’t Miss This

The Million Dollar Birdhouse Wall is more than just eye candy. 

It tells a story of community unity and creativity bursting at the seams. Every birdhouse adds to the narrative, making it a must-visit for anyone craving a peek into Maine’s soul.

For the locals, it’s a proud emblem of Maine’s quirky side. It’s proof that with a bit of imagination, even a boring old wall can become a landmark. 

And for travelers? It’s a chance to see a side of Maine that’s not in the guidebooks, where community and creativity dance together in the most unexpected places.

Final Note

The Million Dollar Birdhouse Wall isn’t just an attraction; it’s a journey into the heart of what makes Maine, well, Maine. 

It’s quirky, unexpected, and brimming with stories waiting to be discovered. 

So, the next time you’re cruising down Route 201 in Moscow, keep your eyes peeled for this legendary wall. 

It’s a vivid reminder that sometimes, the best parts of life are those quirky turns off the main road, where community and creativity collide to create something truly magical.