15 Best Swimming Holes In Maine

Looking for a scenic swimming hole in Maine to go along with a day full of fun?

Well we’ve got a treat for you today, with the fifteen best swimming holes you’ll find in the state of Maine.

Let’s have a look!

Babb’s Bridge 

Credit: Instagram: outdoormovementproject

Near Portland, Babb’s Bridge spans a swimming hole in the Presumpscot River known for its clear, warm waters. 

The site, featuring Maine’s oldest covered bridge, is perfect for swimming, fishing, kayaking, and enjoying the thrill of rope swings.

Rattlesnake Pool

Credit: Instagram: sierraoliver__

Tucked away in Evans Notch, Rattlesnake Pool is known for its strikingly clear, turquoise waters. 

The serene setting and cool, inviting waters make it a picturesque escape for swimmers and nature enthusiasts.

Huston Brook Falls

Credit: Instagram: jeff.for.president

Just outside of Carrabassett Valley, Huston Brook Falls features a stunning waterfall that plunges into a tranquil pool below. 

Surrounded by dense forest, it’s a peaceful retreat for those looking to swim or simply enjoy the beauty of Maine’s wilderness.

Frenchman’s Hole

Credit: Instagram: kriscann

Situated near Bethel, Frenchman’s Hole is a beloved local secret, offering a deep, invigorating pool fed by a small waterfall. 

It’s an ideal spot for those looking to escape the crowds and enjoy a peaceful swim in the midst of nature.

Indian’s Last Leap

Credit: Instagram: kidparkes

This evocatively named spot in the Androscoggin River offers a deep pool that’s popular among locals for swimming and cliff jumping. 

The history and legends surrounding the area add a layer of intrigue to its natural beauty.

Coos Canyon

Credit: Instagram: ericsmainelife

Along the Swift River, Coos Canyon is a gold-panner’s paradise and a stunning swimming spot. 

The river’s clear waters are framed by impressive rock formations, making it a unique location for swimming, gold panning, and soaking in the natural wonders of Maine.

Smalls Falls

Credit: Instagram: klank13

Nestled in the Rangeley Lakes region, Smalls Falls offers a series of picturesque cascades and pools perfect for cooling off. 

Surrounded by lush forest, it’s a scenic spot where visitors can relax or explore the surrounding trails. 

The falls are easily accessible, making it a popular choice for families and nature lovers.

Gulf Hagas

Credit: Instagram: alldaygeary

Known as the “Grand Canyon of Maine,” Gulf Hagas in the 100-Mile Wilderness area features a spectacular gorge with multiple swimming spots along the West Branch of the Pleasant River. 

Hikers can enjoy a challenging trail that offers stunning views and refreshing dips in the crystal-clear pools.

Screw Auger Falls

Credit: Instagram: elie.abichaker

Located in Grafton Notch State Park, Screw Auger Falls boasts a beautiful 23-foot waterfall and a deep, serene pool below. 

Its unique geological formations and easy accessibility make it a must-visit for swimming and picnicking amidst the breathtaking scenery of western Maine.

The Cataracts

Credit: Instagram: mrs_kelly_nikic

This hidden gem in the White Mountains area of Maine presents a series of falls and pools that provide a thrilling swimming experience. 

The hike to The Cataracts is an adventure itself, rewarding visitors with secluded spots perfect for a refreshing dip.

Step Falls Preserve

Credit: Instagram: ericsmainelife

One of Maine’s oldest natural attractions, Step Falls near Newry offers cascading waters and shallow pools. 

A gentle hike leads to this family-friendly swimming spot where the cascades create natural slides, offering fun and relaxation in a pristine environment.

Green Island Quarry

Credit: Instagram: greenenataliee

A favorite among sea kayakers, this swimming hole is carved from pink-granite ledges on Stonington’s Green Island. 

The late 1800s quarrying left a unique, refreshing pool in a 47-acre preserve, ideal for swimming and exploring the rugged beauty of Maine’s coast.

Lakewood Pond

Credit: Alicia Rasmussen Dube

Hidden within Acadia National Park, Lakewood Pond is a serene, trout-stocked pond with a sandy beach, overshadowed by more well-known spots but offering a peaceful retreat for swimming and relaxation at the end of an unmarked road.

Ledge Falls

Credit: Instagram: mealzoffthegrid

On the west side of Baxter State Park, Ledge Falls are celebrated for their beautiful rock slides and pools. 

Visible from the main road, these swimming holes offer fun and relaxation, enhanced by the natural slides and the area’s scenic beauty.

Tobey Falls

Credit: Instagram: aclay90

In the town of Willimantic, Tobey Falls presents a series of waterfalls and pools that offer a variety of swimming experiences. 

The falls are a picturesque backdrop for a day of water fun in the heart of Maine.