The Most Haunted Road In Maine & Three Stories That Prove It

Maine, a state renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and serene natural beauty, holds within its bounds a road that many dare not travel after dark. 

Nestled in the northern part of the state, Route 2A winds through the Haynesville Woods, a place shrouded in mystery, tragedy, and ghostly tales. 

Credit: Instagram: jacyquint

Back before I-95 came along, this stretch of road was heavily used for big rigs bringing in Maine’s potato harvest.

It’s an incredibly dangerous stretch of road, including an almost 90-degree turn at one point deep in the Haynesville Woods.

And this stretch of road has claimed many a life over the years, from those of unfortunate big rig truckers to those driving it in their cars.

A Highway of Hauntings

The stories that permeate the thick forests surrounding Route 2A are as varied as they are chilling. 

Phantom hitchhikers, the ghostly appearances of young girls, and a bride in distress are but a few of the apparitions rumored to haunt this desolate roadway. 

This road has a tragic record of claiming the lives of numerous truckers navigating its shadowy, winding course. 

Dick Curless, who transitioned from a career in long-haul trucking to become a country musician, captures the perilous reality faced by drivers on this route in his 1965 track, “A Tombstone Every Mile.”

Credit: Denise Michaud

The old wreckage of some unfortunate truckers who have perished on this stretch of Route 2A can still be found in the Haynesville Woods (see above).

But as you’ll see by the three creepy tales below, the truckers reportedly aren’t responsible for haunting this area these days.

The Ghost Bride of Route 2A

Among the spectral residents of Haynesville Woods, the ghost bride’s tale is perhaps the most heart-wrenching. 

Drivers along Route 2A report encountering a young woman, clad in white and in distress, wandering the roadside. 

Those who have stopped to offer assistance recount the woman’s haunting request for help, only to experience her sudden disappearance, leaving behind a cold rush of air and an eerie silence. 

This ghostly bride, believed to be a victim of a fatal accident, continues to search for help that never came, eternally trapped on the road where her life took a tragic turn.

The Flesher Witch: A Tale of Terror

The legend of the Flesher Witch adds a darker, more malevolent presence to the woods. 

The Wilcox family, settling in the 1800s, became the epicenter of a nightmare that unfolded with mysterious scratches, whispered threats, and an unspeakable attack on young Annie Wilcox. 

The eventual discovery of Annie’s body, alongside an old woman with a disfigured face, marked the beginning of a curse that would see the family destroyed by tragedy and madness. 

Today, the Flesher Witch is blamed for disappearances and the unexplained injuries of those who venture too close to her domain, a reminder of the dark forces that some believe still dwell within the Haynesville Woods.

The Tragic Spirits of Two Little Girls

The somber tale of two young girls struck by tragedy on Route 2A intertwines with the road’s haunted legacy. 

Drivers report sightings of young girls by the roadside, who vanish upon being offered assistance. 

This story is anchored in the real-life loss of two children in 1967, lending a somber truth to the tales of ghostly apparitions that haunt the road. 

Their spirits, lost and wandering, add a poignant layer to the eerie tapestry of Route 2A’s supernatural residents.

A Final Word: Tread Carefully

The allure of Route 2A and the Haynesville Woods for those fascinated by the paranormal is undeniable. 

Yet, the tales that linger in the shadows of the trees serve as a reminder of the road’s tragic past and the mysteries that remain unsolved. 

Whether these stories are born of actual events or the product of local folklore, they contribute to the eerie ambiance that defines this stretch of road.

For the thrill-seekers and ghost hunters among us, Route 2A offers an adventure into the unknown, a chance to brush with the supernatural. 

However, it’s wise to remember the warnings and tragedies that mark its history. 

As you traverse this haunted highway, whether by day or dare to by night, keep in mind the stories of those who may still wander the woods, trapped between worlds. 

In the end, whether seeking a scare or simply passing through, respect the spirits of Route 2A – for in the Haynesville Woods, you’re never truly alone.