The 13 Most Scenic Waterfalls In Maine You Have To Visit This Year (Photos)

Looking for the perfect waterfall to visit in Maine?

We’ve got you covered, as in this guide we’ll show you the 13 most scenic waterfalls hidden around the state.

Let’s have a look!

Step Falls

Credit: Instagram: @doesitsmelllikepeaches

Step Falls near Newry in western Maine is one of the state’s most beautiful natural attractions. 

The waterfall cascades down a series of smooth, sloping granite steps, creating a unique landscape. 

The hike to the falls is relatively easy, making it suitable for families. 

In summer, the shallow pools become one of Maine’s best natural water slides, providing fun and refreshment for visitors.

Gulf Hagas Falls

Credit: Instagram: @aj_foss

Gulf Hagas, often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of Maine,” is a stunning series of waterfalls located in the Hundred-Mile Wilderness section of the Appalachian Trail, near Brownville in central Maine. 

This rugged, slate gorge carved by the Pleasant River offers a collection of picturesque waterfalls and rapids. 

The most notable falls include Screw Auger Falls, Buttermilk Falls, and Billings Falls. 

Visitors can embark on an 8-mile loop trail that provides access to various vantage points for viewing the cascades and the gorge’s sheer walls.

Screw Auger Falls

Located in Grafton Notch State Park, western Maine, Screw Auger Falls is a stunning 23-foot waterfall that cascades into a gorge, creating beautiful natural pools. 

The surrounding area offers picnic spots and hiking trails, including a short, accessible trail leading directly to the falls. 

Unique geological formations around the falls make it a fascinating spot for geology enthusiasts.

Angel Falls

Credit: Instagram: @squirrelpostsstuff

Nestled in the vicinity of the White Mountains close to Houghton, Maine, Angel Falls stands as one of the state’s tallest waterfalls. 

The journey to this breathtaking destination involves a brief trek that includes crossing streams, which can become challenging when water levels are high. 

But the natural beauty and scenic allure of the falls make the trek undoubtedly worthwhile. 

This area, set in the serene and picturesque Western Maine lake and mountains region, is an ideal spot for those seeking a peaceful retreat into nature during the summer or fall months.

Grand Falls

Credit: Instagram: @gila_nomadic_color_guru

Grand Falls spans the Dead River in West Forks, central Maine, showcasing a wide, horseshoe-shaped cascade. 

This 40-foot waterfall is notable for its volume and the scenic wilderness surrounding it. 

Accessible by a short hike, visitors can enjoy the remote beauty and tranquility of the area, ideal for nature photography and picnicking in a pristine environment.

Dunn Falls

Credit: Instagram: @cos_sylrie

Dunn Falls, located in the Andover area in western Maine, consists of two spectacular drops, the Upper and Lower Falls, totaling over 70 feet. 

Nestled in a lush forest setting, it offers a moderately challenging hike that rewards visitors with stunning views and a peaceful atmosphere. 

The area around the falls is great for swimming, especially in the pool below the Lower Falls.

Houston Brook Falls

Credit: Instagram: @paige.jaie

Situated near Bingham in central Maine, Houston Brook Falls plunges 32 feet into a serene pool, surrounded by a hardwood forest. 

A short, easy hike from the parking area makes this waterfall accessible to visitors of all ages. 

The pool at the base is popular for swimming in the summer, and the area’s natural beauty is perfect for photographers and nature lovers.

Moxie Falls

Credit: Instagram: @allie_olivier

One of the tallest waterfalls in Maine, Moxie Falls, near The Forks in central Maine, boasts a single drop of nearly 90 feet. 

Accessible via a well-maintained trail that’s about 0.6 miles one way, the falls are a popular destination for hikers and families. 

Viewing platforms offer spectacular views of the falls and the surrounding forest, making it a must-visit for its impressive height and accessibility.

Cascade Gorge Falls

Credit: Kyle Coolidge

Located in Rangeley, western Maine, Cascade Gorge Falls offers a series of small cascades running through a narrow gorge. 

The trail to the falls is scenic and moderately challenging, winding through dense forest and alongside the rushing stream. 

The area’s rugged beauty makes it ideal for adventurous hikers seeking solitude and natural splendor.

Smalls Falls

Credit: Instagram: @klank13

Smalls Falls, just south of Rangeley in western Maine, features a series of cascades totaling about 54 feet in height, with vibrant, moss-covered rocks and clear pools. 

Easily accessible with a short walk from the parking area, it’s a popular spot for picnicking, swimming, and relaxing in the summer. 

The colorful foliage in fall makes it a picturesque destination for leaf peepers.

Little Wilson Falls

Credit: Ed Murray

Located in the Moosehead Lake region in central Maine, Little Wilson Falls features a dramatic 75-foot drop in its upper section, making it one of the tallest waterfalls in the state. 

The hike to the falls is an adventurous journey through a rugged landscape, offering rewarding views and a serene atmosphere. 

The area is also popular for swimming in the lower falls during warmer months.

Snow Falls

Snow Falls in West Paris, southwestern Maine, offers visitors the chance to see multiple small cascades and natural pools along the Little Androscoggin River. 

The site includes picnic areas and a walking bridge over the gorge, providing various vantage points to enjoy the falls. 

The surrounding park’s gentle trails are perfect for a leisurely day out in nature.

Hadlock Falls

Credit: Instagram: @ilovemoo

Hadlock Falls, located in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, features a charming cascade through a densely wooded area. 

Part of the Carriage Road system, the falls are accessible by foot, bike, or horse-drawn carriage, offering a glimpse into the park’s historic and natural beauty. 

Visitors can enjoy the serene environment and explore the network of trails around the falls.