Play With Baby Goats, Calves & Chickens At This Free Coastal Maine Farm

Tucked away along the picturesque Casco Bay in Freeport, Maine, the Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment is more than just a farm. 

Credit: Wolfe’s Neck Center

It’s a 626-acre paradise that marries breathtaking natural beauty with hands-on learning. 

Whether you’re a Maine local or a visitor keen on a unique experience, Wolfe’s Neck offers a charming escape full of activities.

A Farm Unlike Any Other

Why is Wolfe’s Neck so special? Beyond its postcard-perfect location, the center is a pioneer in sustainable farming and education. 

Credit: Wolfe’s Neck Center

Open all year and free of charge, this nonprofit farm features an organic dairy operation, historic architecture, and a smorgasbord of family-friendly activities. 

From encountering farm animals to hiking peaceful trails and participating in educational workshops, every visit promises something new.

Credit: Wolfe’s Neck Center

Family Fun Meets Learning

Picture this: your kids giggling as they romp with baby goats, play tag with chickens, and get their hands dirty learning about organic farming—all before lunch! 

Credit: Wolfe’s Neck Center

Wolfe’s Neck turns this into reality with activities like barnyard storytime and interactive tours, where milking cows and picking blueberries transform learning into pure fun. 

It’s no wonder parents rave about the smiles and laughter that fill the farm.

Credit: arybny / Instagram

Adventures in the Great Outdoors

For those who love the great outdoors, Wolfe’s Neck is a treasure trove. 

Credit: Wolfe’s Neck Center

Rent a kayak, canoe, or bike during the warmer months to discover the tranquil waters of Casco Bay or the meticulously kept trails weaving through the landscape. 

And with a state park next door, the adventure possibilities just keep expanding.

Taste the Farm’s Best at the Café

After all that activity, the Farm Café is your go-to for a delicious bite. 

Indulge in a grass-fed burger or cool off with a scoop of homemade ice cream. 

It’s all sourced right from the farm, offering a taste that’s as fresh as the ocean breeze.

Don’t Miss This!

Oceanfront Camping: Pitch your tent just steps from the water and enjoy a night under the stars with all the comforts of home, rustic-style.

Credit: Wolfe’s Neck Center

The Animals: Friendly goats, calves, and chickens await your visit, ready for a pet and a picture.

Credit: Wolfe’s Neck Center

Special Events: Don’t miss out on hayrides, seasonal festivals, and classes like ice cream making. Check their calendar for the latest happenings.

Credit: Wolfe’s Neck Center

A Rich Tapestry of History

The legacy of Wolfe’s Neck dates back to 1959, founded by Eleanor Houston Smith and Lawrence Smith. 

The Wishcamper Livestock Education Barn, established in 2017, continues this tradition of agricultural education. 

Each corner of the farm tells a part of their story, keeping the founders’ spirit vibrant and alive.

Final Thoughts

Wolfe’s Neck Center isn’t just a destination; it’s a community cornerstone that unites nature enthusiasts, families, and culinary aficionados. 

With a strong focus on education and sustainability, it offers an enriching experience that goes beyond just a day trip. So, why wait? 

Pack a picnic, lace up your walking boots, and make your way to Wolfe’s Neck Center. A day of exploration and joy awaits you!