Slide Into The Fun At This Hidden Waterslide In Georgia

Nestled in the heart of Georgia, Watson Mill Bridge State Park isn’t just a park – it’s a playground crafted by Mother Nature herself. 

Credit: Marvin Eber

With its ancient covered bridge, gushing river, and natural water slides, this park is a ticket to outdoor thrills and spills.

The Highlight: The River and Natural Water Slides

The real star of Watson Mill Bridge State Park is its wide, welcoming river. 

Credit: Instagram: @atl_exploring

As it tumbles over smooth rocks just beyond the old dam, it creates a spectacular play area for families and adventure-seekers alike. 

Imagine sliding down a natural 30-foot rock slide into a refreshing pool, the perfect escape from the Georgia heat. 

Credit: Joshua Bryan

It’s advisable to don some sturdy water shoes as these rocks can be slippery—consider it a free lesson in ‘aqua-acrobatics’ from nature! 

For those feeling extra adventurous, there’s a deeper pool at the end of a natural slide on the far side of the river, where the splashdown is as inevitable as the laughter.

Trails and Tales

Beyond the water fun, the park spreads across 1,100 acres, featuring 14 miles of trails ripe for exploring. 

Credit: Instagram: @atl_exploring

Whether you’re hiking, biking, or horseback riding, these trails wind through lush forests and along the riverside, offering serene views and a full dose of fresh air. 

Don’t miss the trail leading to the ruins of the old power station—a scenic route that ends with the dramatic sight and sound of water roaring down a 20-foot drop.

Historic Charm: The Watson Mill Bridge

Credit: Instagram: @lenagimenez

The park is also home to the longest original-site covered bridge in Georgia, stretching a majestic 229 feet across the South Fork of the Broad River. 

Built in 1885 by Washington (W.W.) King, this bridge isn’t just a passage over water; it’s a journey back in time. 

As you drive or walk through this historic structure, the sturdy truss system and the peaceful river below transport you to a simpler era.

Picnics, Playgrounds, and Peaceful Moments

Credit: Instagram: @watsonmillbridge

Adjacent to the river’s playground, numerous picnic areas offer the perfect spot for a mid-adventure snack or a leisurely lunch. 

With playgrounds nearby, parents can enjoy a moment of peace while the kids expend some energy. 

Remember, the park is equipped with all the necessary amenities, including changing facilities and restrooms, making it easy for everyone to enjoy a full day of fun.

A Campground for Starry Nights

For those who find one day isn’t enough, the park’s quiet campground welcomes visitors to stay longer. 

With options ranging from tent sites to RV hookups and cozy log cabins, spending a night under the stars is the perfect way to cap off a day of adventure. 

Horse owners will be pleased to find special accommodations near stalls, ensuring that every member of the family, including four-legged ones, can rest comfortably.

Getting Here

From Athens, GA (about 30 minutes):

Start on US-29 N/US-78 E towards Danielsville.

Continue to follow US-29 N for approximately 20 miles.

Turn left onto GA-72 E towards Comer.

In Comer, turn right onto GA-22 N.

After about 7 miles, turn left onto Watson Mill Road.

Continue for 2 miles, and you will see the entrance to Watson Mill Bridge State Park on your right.

From Atlanta, GA (about 1 hour and 45 minutes):

Take I-85 N towards Greenville.

Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 106 for GA-316 E towards Lawrenceville/Athens.

Continue on GA-316 E for about 40 miles.

Take the exit onto US-29 N towards Danielsville.

Follow the directions above from US-29 N through Comer to the park.

From Augusta, GA (about 2 hours):

Take I-20 W towards Atlanta.

Use the right lane to take exit 172 for US-78 W/GA-10 W towards Washington.

Continue on US-78 W/GA-10 W for about 60 miles.

Turn right onto GA-22 W in Crawford, continue for about 15 miles.

Turn right onto Watson Mill Road.

The park entrance will be on your right after about 2 miles.

Final Note

Watson Mill Bridge State Park is your go-to destination for an unforgettable day of natural fun and historical charm.

So pack your water shoes and a sense of adventure, and slide into a day you won’t forget!