This Stunning Resort On A Cliff Offers The Best Ocean And Coastline Views In All Of Maine

Perched majestically atop Bald Head Cliff on Maine’s rugged southern coast, Cliff House Maine offers an extraordinary retreat that goes beyond the typical seaside resort.

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With its panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and a history dating back to 1872, this iconic destination combines luxury, tradition, and a distinctive Maine charm that captivates both locals and visitors alike.

If you’re seeking a unique blend of scenic beauty, luxurious comfort, and warm hospitality, let’s explore why Cliff House should be at the top of your travel list.

A Window to the Atlantic’s Splendor

Upon stepping into Cliff House, guests are immediately greeted by breathtaking ocean views that set the stage for a truly immersive experience.

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Every one of the resort’s 130 stylish guest rooms and suites provides a front-row seat to the Atlantic’s ever-changing beauty, equipped with private terraces perfect for enjoying Maine’s dramatic coastal vistas.

Accommodations That Radiate Coastal Elegance

Cliff House doesn’t just offer a place to sleep; it offers a sanctuary.

The rooms are havens of nautical inspiration, featuring luxurious linens, spacious bathrooms, and tasteful décor that reflects the natural beauty of its location.

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Imagine drifting off to the rhythmic sounds of the ocean and waking up to a stunning sunrise right from the comfort of your bed.

A Resort Rich in Amenities

From a full-service spa offering a menu of rejuvenating treatments to indoor and outdoor pools that look out over the ocean, Cliff House caters to relaxation and wellness.

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Guests have praised the cleanliness of the facilities and the professional, friendly service that makes each experience special.

The resort also boasts a variety of dining options, an art gallery, a theater, and spaces for events and weddings, making it a versatile destination for all types of getaways.

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Culinary Excellence at Cliff House

Dining at Cliff House is an experience in itself. With several eateries on-site, the resort prides itself on a culinary philosophy that blends local flavors with global inspiration.

The Tiller Restaurant: This oceanfront dining spot offers a menu that changes with the seasons, focusing on farm-fresh produce and locally sourced seafood. The lobster roll and handcrafted cocktails come highly recommended by guests.

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Nubb’s Lobster Shack: For a more laid-back dining experience, Nubb’s provides a perfect spot to enjoy quintessential Maine dishes like lobster rolls in a casual, scenic setting by the pool.

Tidemark Terrace: Adjacent to The Tiller, this terrace offers a cozy spot for enjoying a cocktail while overlooking the ocean, making it a favorite for both daytime refreshments and evening sundowners.

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A Rich Tapestry of History and Culture

Cliff House has been welcoming guests for nearly 150 years, evolving from a simple seaside inn to a luxurious resort without losing its historical charm.

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The resort’s recent transformation respects its storied past while introducing modern amenities that meet today’s standards of luxury and comfort.

It’s a place where history and modernity meet, creating a unique atmosphere that honors its heritage.

Why Choose Cliff House?

Choosing Cliff House for your next getaway means choosing a place where every detail is crafted to enhance your experience.

Here, you’re not just booking a stay; you’re immersing yourself in an environment where every moment is designed to be memorable.

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Scenic Beauty: The resort’s location atop Bald Head Cliff offers unrivaled views of the ocean and rugged coastline—a constant reminder of Maine’s natural beauty.

Luxurious Comfort: From plush robes to private balconies, every aspect of your stay is designed for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Culinary Delights: With a focus on local and sustainable ingredients, the dining experiences at Cliff House are both delightful and inspiring.

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Rich History: Discover the heritage of one of Maine’s oldest resorts and feel connected to the generations of travelers who have made their way to this stunning retreat.

Final Thoughts: A Stay to Remember

Whether you’re a local looking for a luxurious escape or a traveler exploring New England for the first time, Cliff House offers more than just a place to stay—it offers an experience.

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It’s where you can unwind in the spa, dine by the ocean, and sleep to the sound of the waves. It’s not just an escape; it’s an experience that touches the soul.

And as they say—if you’re on the fence about visiting, just remember the oceanfront hot tubs in winter. That’s a warm invitation you can’t refuse!