Welcome to Redgranite Quarry Park: A Hidden Gem in Wisconsin

The beautiful state of Wisconsin is home to a number of awesome swimming holes like the one found at Willow Falls.

But if you want to do some actual swimming in a stunning setting, the Redgranite Quarry should be near the top of your list of places to visit in the state.

Credit: Redgranite Stone Quarry

Redgranite Quarry, a stunning swimming hole nestled in the heart of Wisconsin, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical charm. 

Originally a bustling granite mining site in the 1880s, the quarry attracted skilled stonecutters from Europe, turning the area into a vibrant community known as Sand Prairie. 

Today, the quarry has transformed into a picturesque park where visitors can enjoy swimming, diving, and a host of other recreational activities.

Credit: Owen Masters

A Picturesque Setting

The quarry’s vibrant red granite walls and the clear water beneath creates a breathtaking landscape that draws visitors from all over. 

The sheer cliffs and deep water provide not only a beautiful backdrop but also a thrilling experience for those who dare to jump in. 

Credit: Owen Masters

The eastern shore, with its prominent outcrops and the sole diving board, remains a favorite spot among locals.

The diving board is the only place where you can safely dive into the water, which is one of the rules of the quarry.

Activities and Attractions

Redgranite Quarry isn’t just for swimmers. 

Divers, particularly from local diving clubs, find the clear waters ideal for both fun dives and serious training. 

Credit: Brett Boesel

The quarry serves as a perfect spot for deep-water diving certifications due to its depth and clarity. 

Fishing enthusiasts can also enjoy their time here, with the quarry now home to a variety of fish species. 

For those who prefer dry land, the nearby Bannerman Trail offers seven miles of hiking, biking, and snowmobiling opportunities.

Safety and Regulations

While the quarry invites excitement, safety remains a top priority. 

The park is equipped with security cameras and strict rules to ensure a safe environment. 

Visitors are advised to wear life jackets due to the quarry’s cold water pockets and deep sections, which can be challenging to navigate. 

The park’s regulations also prohibit alcohol, open fires, and glass containers, maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere. 

It’s important to note that there are no lifeguards on duty, so swimming is at one’s own risk.

The Quarry Rules (posted on sign at entrance):

  • Park hours: Closed from 7 PM to 7 AM
  • No pets allowed (dogs or cats)
  • Open fires are prohibited
  • Glass containers are not allowed
  • Alcohol is not permitted (possession or use)
  • Climbing trees is not allowed
  • Personal items may be searched
  • Swinging from tree ropes is prohibited
  • Do not swim alone
  • Swimming across the quarry is prohibited
  • Jumping from the rocks is not allowed

Preserving the Beauty

Redgranite Quarry has faced challenges with litter and vandalism in the past, but thanks to the efforts of volunteers and local residents, it has seen a significant turnaround. 

Visitors are expected to keep the park clean by utilizing the provided garbage containers and respecting the natural environment. 

This collective effort helps ensure that the park remains a pristine retreat for everyone to enjoy.

Visit and Enjoy

Open from 7 AM to 7 PM, the park welcomes guests to plan their visits within these hours, enforced by the Redgranite Police Department. 

With its central location in Redgranite village, the quarry is easily accessible, located just off State Hwy 21, behind essential local amenities like the post office and bank.

Final Note

Come for the beauty, stay for the adventure.

Exploring Redgranite Quarry Park offers a refreshing escape into nature’s embrace, where history and recreation meet. 

Whether you’re diving into its cool depths or enjoying a picnic by its shores, Redgranite Quarry promises a day of fun and relaxation. 

Remember, safety and cleanliness are key to keeping this gem shining for generations to come.