Touch Hermit Crabs, Sea Cucumbers & Urchins At This One-Of-A-Kind Oceanarium In Maine

Tucked away on Mount Desert Island in Maine, there’s a place where the ocean comes to life without requiring you to don a wetsuit. 

The Oceanarium & Education Center, which threw its doors open once again to the public on May 17, 2023, after a swanky makeover, is where marine dreams are made. 

Credit: maineadventurenerds / Instagram

If you and the kiddos are looking to dodge the swarms at Acadia National Park for a day and have a penchant for all things oceanic, this spot is your ticket to the big leagues of family fun and aquatic enlightenment.

A Deep Dive into Marine Marvels

Center stage at the Oceanarium is its dazzling array of sea creatures, each more Facebook-photo-worthy than the last. 

You’ve got Tangerine, the lobster that looks like it’s been sunbathing in the tropics, and Blueberry, who seems convinced it’s a crustacean version of a blueberry pie. 

Credit: oceanariumandeducationcenter_ / Instagram

It’s not just about lobsters wearing their Sunday best here, the place is a treasure trove of the Gulf of Maine’s underwater residents. 

Ever seen a tide go in and out without getting your feet wet? Their salt marsh exhibit is your kind of magic. 

And for the hands-on crowd, the touch tank is like a high-five with sea life—starfish, sea cucumbers, and the spiky allure of sea urchins included.

Credit: oceanariumandeducationcenter_ / Instagram

Got a thing for the quirky side of the sea? Wait till you meet the lumpfish and the jellyfish gang. It’s like the Oceanarium’s personal lineup of the ocean’s most eccentric characters.

Family Fun, Minus the Yawn

Gone are the days when a trip to the educational center felt more like homework and less like fun. 

The Oceanarium has upped its game, blending art, science, and a dash of drama across its exhibits. 

Credit: chefbeartoe / Instagram

From seaweed art that makes you rethink algae to a whale skeleton that’ll have you pondering the mysteries of the deep, it’s a mixtape of the ocean’s greatest hits.

Kids will think they’ve hit the jackpot with interactive setups like an actual boat (they built around) that’s meant for playing captain and a parade of marine life that’s as educational as it is entertaining. 

Credit: colleenvtidwell / Instagram

And the staff? Imagine your coolest teacher, but with more fish tales and a knack for making marine conservation sound like the adventure it truly is.

Why It’s a Must-See

Let’s cut to the chase: the Oceanarium & Education Center is not just another item on your Maine to-do list; it’s the under-the-radar escape into the wonders of the marine world. 

Whether you call Maine home or you’re just passing through, missing out on this gem would be like going to the beach and not dipping your toes in the water. 

It’s where the Gulf of Maine’s aquatic life takes center stage, turning every visit into an interactive deep dive that’s equal parts enlightening and entertaining.

So, if your Maine itinerary needs a dose of ocean magic, the Oceanarium is where you’ll find it. 

Dive into a world where marine life isn’t just observed but experienced—where every visit ripples out into a greater appreciation of our blue planet. See you at the touch tank?