5 Stunning Hot Springs In Wyoming Where You Can Soak With A View

Wyoming is famous for its rugged landscapes and beautiful, mountainous wilderness.

And the state is also home to some of the most inviting hot springs you’ll find in the country, most of which offer incredible views while you soak.

While the hot springs in Yellowstone are well known for their beauty, most are not swimmable.

But lucky for you, there are quite a few awesome hot springs in Wyoming where you can actually soak and swim, and we’ll detail the five best in this guide.

Boiling River Hot Springs

Credit: Instagram: pircollin

Situated near the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park, just south of Gardiner, Montana, Boiling River Hot Springs is where a large hot spring enters the Gardner River, creating a natural thermal soaking experience. 

The hot and cold waters mix to form a comfortable soaking temperature, offering a unique bathing experience amidst stunning wilderness. 

The area provides a chance to enjoy Yellowstone’s raw beauty up close, with opportunities for wildlife spotting and exploring the nearby trails. 

Remember, access may be seasonally restricted, so check current conditions before planning your visit.

Ferris Fork River Hot Springs

Credit: Madelina Boliver

Tucked away in the remote wilderness of the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Ferris Fork River Hot Springs is a lesser-known treasure for adventurous souls. 

The main hot spring here is also known as “Mr. Bubbles”, and while soaking in Mr. Bubbles is not allowed due to its hot temperature, there are numerous pools within the river where the runoff from Mr. Bubbles creates hot springs that are just the right temperature to soak in.

Reaching these springs requires a hike, making it a secluded spot for those willing to venture off the beaten path. 

The journey rewards visitors with serene pools and breathtaking views of the surrounding wilderness, ideal for a peaceful soak in nature. 

Its remote location ensures a tranquil experience, perfect for soaking in solitude amidst Wyoming’s untouched landscapes.

Dunanda Falls Hot Spring

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Dunanda Falls Hot Spring, located in the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park, is a hidden oasis for the adventurous. 

A hike through the park’s pristine wilderness leads to this spectacular hot spring at the base of Dunanda Falls. 

The waterfall adds a picturesque backdrop to the soaking experience, with several warm pools to choose from. 

This secluded spot offers not just a relaxing soak but also the chance to explore Yellowstone’s lesser-seen natural wonders, including nearby geysers and abundant wildlife, making it a rewarding destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts.

Hot Springs State Park

Credit: Instagram: kellyhaysreed

Located in the town of Thermopolis, Hot Springs State Park is home to the world’s largest mineral hot spring. 

This park offers not just swimming in its soothing thermal waters, but also a range of recreational activities. 

Visitors can explore scenic walking paths, suspension bridges, and the colorful Rainbow Terraces. 

The State Bath House provides free bathing in indoor and outdoor pools, tapping directly into the mineral-rich hot springs. 

With its accessible amenities and the chance to see bison roam freely, Hot Springs State Park combines relaxation with the beauty of Wyoming’s rugged landscape.

Granite Hot Springs

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Located in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, south of Jackson, Granite Hot Springs is a scenic gem nestled in the mountains. 

Accessible via a scenic drive or snowmobile trek in winter, this hot spring offers a unique blend of natural beauty and relaxation. 

Surrounded by towering pines and rugged mountain landscapes, visitors can soak in the warm, mineral-rich waters with temperatures around 37°C (98°F). 

Besides soaking, the area is popular for hiking and wildlife viewing, making it a perfect retreat for nature lovers seeking tranquility and outdoor adventure.

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