7 Under The Radar Beaches In Florida That Are Both Stunning & Less Crowded

Florida is famous for its beaches, with their white sand and clear blue water drawing folks from all over the world for some fun in the sun.

And while you’ll rarely find solitude at any beach in Florida, at least during the summer months, there are still some beaches that aren’t as packed to the gills as some of the most well-known options.

So if you’re looking for a semi-secluded beach in the Sunshine State that offers the same beautiful setting without as many people, we’ve got you covered in this guide.

In it, we’ll detail seven beaches in Florida that fly under the radar compared to most, yet still offer the soft white sand, clear water and overall beauty you’d find anywhere else in the state.

Navarre Beach

Navarre Beach is a tranquil oasis located on Florida’s Panhandle, renowned for its stunning white sands and crystal-clear Gulf waters. 

Often referred to as “Florida’s Best Kept Secret,” the beach boasts one of the longest fishing piers in the state and is a haven for anglers, snorkelers, and families alike. 

Its uncrowded nature offers a peaceful retreat, with nearby parks and reefs providing ample opportunities for outdoor exploration and underwater adventures.

Santa Rosa Beach

Credit: Taylan Saydar

Santa Rosa Beach offers a picturesque setting on the Emerald Coast of Northwest Florida. 

Known for its luxury beach homes, upscale dining, and artist colonies, this beach blends cultural sophistication with natural beauty. 

The turquoise waters and sugar-white sands are perfect for water sports and relaxation. 

The nearby Point Washington State Forest offers hiking and biking trails, making Santa Rosa Beach an ideal destination for those who appreciate both beach life and outdoor activities.

Gasparilla Beach

Credit: Instagram: @timeenuf

Gasparilla Beach, nestled on Gasparilla Island in Southwest Florida, offers a serene escape with its pristine shores and crystal-clear waters. 

Known for its historic lighthouse and charming Boca Grande town, visitors can enjoy a blend of natural beauty and quaint luxury. 

The beach is a haven for shell collectors and those seeking tranquility away from crowded tourist spots. 

With gentle waves and an array of marine life, it’s a perfect spot for snorkeling and relaxation.

Longboat Key Beach

Credit: Instagram: @michaelalbanosrqrealtor

Located on a barrier island on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Longboat Key Beach is a slice of paradise offering miles of soft, white sands and turquoise waters. 

This upscale destination is known for its secluded beaches, fine dining, and luxury resorts. 

Ideal for those seeking a quiet retreat, the beach’s calm waters make it perfect for swimming and paddleboarding. 

The lush surroundings and manicured properties enhance its serene beauty, making it a must-visit for peace seekers.

Tigertail Beach on Marco Island

Credit: Dara Willis Dietmeyer

Tigertail Beach, situated on the northwest corner of Marco Island, is a unique natural gem. 

This beach is known for its tidal lagoon, which separates it from the Gulf of Mexico, offering a distinctive experience for visitors. 

The area is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream, with opportunities to spot rare birds and marine life. 

Ideal for kayaking and paddleboarding, Tigertail provides a mix of adventurous activities and the chance to relax on its unspoiled sands.

St. George Island Beach

Credit: Instagram: @collinsvacationrentals

St. George Island Beach is a serene, unspoiled paradise off the Florida Panhandle. 

Known for its natural beauty and lack of high rises, the beach offers miles of white sand and clear waters. 

The island is a haven for wildlife, including sea turtles and birds. 

With the historic St. George Lighthouse and abundant recreational activities like fishing, kayaking, and hiking, it’s the perfect getaway for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful beach experience.

Sunset Beach

Credit: Instagram: @_nicholelauren

Sunset Beach, located at the southern tip of Treasure Island in the St. Petersburg area, is a charming and laid-back destination. 

Known for its spectacular sunsets, this beach attracts both locals and visitors. 

Its unique atmosphere is enhanced by the colorful beachfront cottages and a relaxed vibe. 

The beach is also famous for its Sunday evening drum circles, where people gather to enjoy music, dance, and the stunning sunset views, creating a memorable experience for all.