Quarry at Carrigan Farms: One Of North Carolina’s Best Swimming Holes

Credit: Instagram: carrigan_farms

Still hunting for that perfect swimming spot to beat the summer heat? Carrigan Farms in Mooresville, NC, offers a unique quarry that could be your next favorite watering hole. Here’s your guide to a delightful day of splashes and laughter at Carrigan Farms.

Splash Central: The Quarry at Carrigan Farms

Credit: Instagram: carrigan_farms

Ready to channel your inner daredevil? Dive into the 25-foot depths of a naturally formed spring quarry at Carrigan Farms. More than just a stunning view, this spot is a hub for aquatic adventures like cliff diving, swinging from ropes, and paddling around, not to mention a sandy area for a spirited game of beach volleyball. It’s almost hard to believe that this aqua-playground was stumbled upon by sheer fluke!

Discover the Quarry’s Roots

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Nestled within a family-owned farm that spans five generations, Carrigan Farms has its roots in agriculture, dating back to the 1750s with cotton and tobacco and later shifting to fruits and veggies. Envision vast cornfields stretching to the horizon—that’s Carrigan for you.

The quarry itself popped up unexpectedly in the late ’60s during a granite mining op for Interstate 77. Imagine the crew’s faces when they hit upon this stunning, emerald-green swimming gem!

Taking the Plunge at the Quarry

Upon your arrival, an attendant will point you towards the parking lot. A short trek down a path takes you to where your aquatic adventure begins.

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Safety First: Swim Tests and Vests

After signing a waiver, you’ll have a choice: strut your stuff in a swim test or just grab a life vest, especially if you’re wrangling kids. Life vests are a must unless you prove your swimming prowess, available for swimmers aged 12 and up.

Scenic Splendor

The quarry is a sight for sore eyes with its towering rocky cliffs and vibrant green waters set against a backdrop of blue skies. Nearby, you’ll spot a wedding pavilion right next to a white sandy beach outfitted with a volleyball net.

Take the Leap

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Set up camp in one of the grassy nooks before gearing up for the thrill of the jump! The kids might just surprise you with their eagerness to leap from the high points, and thankfully, vigilant lifeguards are always nearby. Hitting the water is an exhilarating experience, and surprisingly, it’s warmer than most—hovering around a comfy 79 degrees.

Swinging High

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Don’t overlook the rope swing—great for both kids and the young at heart, though a pull-up test and a minimum height requirement apply. If heights aren’t your jam, there’s a gentle walk-in swimming area where you can wade into the water at your own pace.

More Than Just a Swim Spot

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While the Quarry is a major draw, Carrigan Farms offers much more. The farm itself is a robust operation that features apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and a variety of fresh produce. Depending on the season, visitors can partake in apple picking, a quintessential fall activity, or select the perfect pumpkin during the autumnal months.

Moreover, Carrigan Farms specializes in farm-to-table experiences. They host weddings, receptions, and other events, providing a picturesque setting and catering with ingredients sourced directly from the farm. Their special events, like the Haunted Trail during Halloween and the Christmas Hayride, provide festive fun for families and visitors of all ages.

Adventure Activities

For the more actively inclined, Carrigan Farms does not disappoint. Beyond swimming and seasonal picking, the farm offers rock climbing on the quarry’s natural rock faces and hiking trails that meander through the property. These trails offer not only physical challenge but also the chance to observe local wildlife and enjoy serene views of the North Carolina countryside.

Educational tours are also a part of the farm’s offerings, providing insights into sustainable farming practices and the history of the land and the Carrigan family’s stewardship over the generations. These tours are great for school groups, families, or anyone interested in agriculture and environmental conservation.

Plan Your Visit to Carrigan Farms

Remember, the quarry is open for public swims on select dates and times or for special bookings like field trips or parties. Always check their schedule online to avoid any surprises.

Visiting Rules:

Book ahead online with a $5 deposit per head, payable in cash upon arrival. Remember, all visitors need a life vest unless they pass the swim test, offered to those 12 and older. Group sizes are capped at ten, but keep an eye on updates as the season progresses.

Every guest gets a $5 snack voucher for the Quarry Kitchen, though walk-ins might miss out on this perk. The Quarry Kitchen operates as a cash-only snack spot—outside munchies and pets are a no-go.

Admission Fees and More

Cash or check only here! Little ones under four are advised against swimming in the quarry.

Admission Costs (2024): Prices range from $20 to $35, varying by day and holiday schedules. Book your slot online.

Packing List for Carrigan Farms

Essentials include swim gear, sunscreen, water, towels, and of course, your camera. There’s more than just swimming—weddings, corporate gigs, and fall festivities also fill the calendar, alongside a peek into the farm’s rich history.

No booze, glass, pets, big floats, or grills allowed. The Open Swim events are strictly alcohol-free, so save the bubbly for another day!