Discover Central Florida’s Ultimate Natural Springs Loop Road Trip!

Ready to dive into adventure? Join us on a sun-splashed road trip through Central Florida, where nine enchanting natural springs promise cool escapes and thrilling discoveries. 

From snorkeling with fish to paddling past manatees, each stop on this loop is a splash of fun. 

Buckle up for the ultimate Central Florida natural springs loop road trip, with every spring on this list located within 80 miles to the north of Orlando!

Let’s have a look at the stunning natural springs you’ll see along the way as well as what you can do and see at each one.

Silver Glen Springs

Credit: ttsweety00 / Instagram

Our first splash into paradise begins at Silver Glen Springs. Nestled in the Ocala National Forest, this spring boasts vibrant, turquoise waters that are refreshingly cool year-round. 

It’s a popular spot for snorkeling, where you can swim alongside schools of bass and bluegill. 

The surrounding trails offer great opportunities for wildlife watching, making it a perfect blend of aquatic and terrestrial adventures.

Alexander Springs

Credit: ehdooo / Instagram

As we continue, Alexander Springs beckons with its uniformly 72-degree waters and a lush canopy of trees. 

This is one of the few springs in Florida where scuba diving is permitted, giving you a unique view of underwater life. 

The spring features a gentle slope into the water, making it accessible for all ages. 

Canoeing along the spring run, you might catch glimpses of turtles and herons—true emblems of tranquility.

Rock Springs

Credit: vlaskina0506 / Instagram

Up next, Rock Springs offers a thrilling escape with its natural lazy river. Float down the crystal-clear waters, winding through shaded hammocks before spilling out into the Wekiva River. 

For the adventurous spirits, kayaking and tubing are popular here, with rental facilities available onsite. Don’t miss the scenic hiking trails that dot the area, where the call of the wild is ever-present.

Wekiwa Springs

Credit: wildwondrz / Instagram

Just a stone’s throw from Orlando, Wekiwa Springs serves as a cooling oasis with its expansive views and invigorating spring pool. 

The springs pump out an astonishing 42 million gallons of water daily, creating a natural swimming pool that’s ideal for beating the Florida heat. 

The park’s extensive network of trails beckons hikers, bikers, and horseback riders to explore its rich ecosystems.

Green Springs

Credit: jlpullinger / Instagram

A touch of mystery envelops Green Springs, known for its unusual sulfur-rich, green-tinted waters. 

Historically revered for its supposed healing properties, today it’s a picturesque spot that’s perfect for contemplative strolls and nature photography. 

The surrounding park blends cultural history with natural beauty, offering a quiet retreat from the more crowded springs.

Gemini Springs

Credit: tfdecot / Instagram

At Gemini Springs, discover the charm of twin springs nestled within a 210-acre park. 

While swimming isn’t allowed due to water quality concerns, the park itself is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering biking, hiking, and fishing opportunities. 

The springs’ twin outputs merge beautifully into a single stream, a sight that is particularly enchanting at dawn and dusk.

Blue Spring

Credit: jenniferhayscasey / Instagram

Known as a winter refuge for manatees, Blue Spring is a highlight of our road trip during the cooler months. 

The spring’s designated manatee observation areas offer close-up views of these gentle giants. 

In warmer seasons, the crystal-clear waters invite snorkelers and divers to explore its depths, where vivid fish and lush aquatic plants thrive.

De Leon Springs

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De Leon Springs is steeped in history and natural beauty. Start your visit with a self-made pancake breakfast at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill Grill, right beside the water. 

Then, take a dip in the refreshing spring or paddle along the spring run. 

Don’t forget to explore the park’s historical exhibits, which trace the area’s rich past from Native American settlements to 19th-century sugar plantations.

Juniper Springs

Credit: kelbelle14 / Instagram

Our final stop is Juniper Springs, one of the oldest and best-preserved springs in Florida. 

The spring pool is framed by massive oaks and palms, creating a surreal swimming experience. 

The adventurous can embark on a canoe trip down Juniper Creek, a challenging and scenic journey that offers glimpses of Florida’s untouched wilderness.

Final Note

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