5 Hidden Swimming Holes In Colorado That Offer A Day Full Of Adventure

If you’re looking for a Colorado swimming hole to cool off in or simply visit for the views, have we got a treat for you today!

In this article we’ll detail Colorado’s five best hidden swimming holes.

From peaceful and secluded, to cliff jumping, to breathtaking views…these hidden swimming holes in Colorado offer a little something different for everyone.

But one thing they all have in common is that they’ll leave you with lasting memories of a fun day for years to come.

Let’s dive in!

Adrenaline Falls

Credit: Thomas Gonzales

Adrenaline Falls, tucked away near Durango, Colorado, is an exhilarating destination for those seeking adventure. 

This secluded spot is accessed via a somewhat challenging hike, rewarding visitors with stunning views and a thrilling swimming experience. 

Known for its beautiful waterfall and crystal-clear pool, it’s a popular spot for cliff diving and swimming in the summer. 

The falls are surrounded by dense forest, adding to the sense of adventure and isolation. 

Adrenaline Falls lives up to its name, offering a rush for thrill-seekers and a hidden retreat for nature lovers.

Cascade Creek

Credit: Desiree Cherrt

Cascade Creek is a serene swimming hole located near Durango, Colorado. 

To reach it, take the Cascade Creek Trail, which is a moderate 2-mile hike filled with beautiful scenery. 

This hidden gem is known for its clear, cold waters and scenic waterfalls, making it a perfect spot for a refreshing dip on a hot summer day. 

Surrounded by lush forest, visitors can enjoy the sound of cascading water and the chance to spot local wildlife. 

It’s an ideal spot for families and nature lovers looking for a peaceful retreat.

Devil’s Punchbowl

Credit: Instagram: @derekchandler

Devil’s Punchbowl, near Aspen, Colorado, offers a thrilling experience for adventurous swimmers. 

This popular yet secluded spot is accessible via a short hike from the road on Independence Pass. 

Known for its striking deep blue waters, surrounded by steep cliffs, it’s a favorite for cliff jumping. 

The water can be very cold, so it’s best visited in the warmer months. 

Visitors are treated to stunning views of the surrounding Rocky Mountains while enjoying a unique swimming experience.

Paradise Cove

Credit: Instagram: @kaylaroll_

Paradise Cove, also known as Guffey Cove, is a hidden swimming hole located near Guffey, Colorado. 

This secluded spot is reached after a short, half-mile hike, making it easily accessible for all ages. 

Surrounded by cliffs, the cove offers a peaceful and picturesque swimming experience. 

The adventurous can enjoy cliff jumping from various heights into the deep, clear waters below. 

Despite its name and beauty, Paradise Cove remains relatively unknown, offering a tranquil escape for those in the know.

Big Dominguez Canyon

Credit: Victoria Salazar

Located within the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area, near Grand Junction, Big Dominguez Canyon offers a secluded swimming experience amidst breathtaking desert scenery. 

Accessible by a hike of varying lengths, depending on the starting point, visitors can explore ancient petroglyphs, stunning rock formations, and diverse ecosystems on their way to the swimming hole. 

The area’s main attraction is a series of small waterfalls and pools, providing a refreshing oasis in the desert. 

It’s a perfect spot for those interested in combining hiking, history, and a relaxing swim.